Oh hello there! I’m Syeda Sehrish Rizvi. A Contemporary Printmaking Artist in Quetta, Pakistan and a Co-Founder of Art Studio known as Studio3 Design & Art Consultant. As a printmaking artist, my work is not just about creating visually appealing art but also about education.

The approach involves manipulating and observing things from various perspectives, showcasing a unique and innovative approach to creating art that not only stimulates the senses but also engages the audience on a profound level.

Apart from that, I Have expertise in Thesis Consultation and Art Consultation in Relief Printing, Intaglio Printmaking, Screen Printing, Mix Medium Art, Installation Art & Execution. I have more than 3 years of working experience in creating a wide range of Printed Artworks, Customized Printed Merchandise, Promotional Merchandise, Promotional Products and Customized Stickers.

The actual goal is to introduce people to the captivating world of printmaking through Printmaking Courses or Printmaking Workshops and its various printing techniques and to develop a platform that makes printmaking more accessible to art enthusiasts and aspiring artists.

Sehrish Rizvi Print Maker, Artist in Quetta, offers an educational-based platform about printmaking courses, printmaking workshops & its techniques.

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