How to do Reduction Printmaking? – Complete Process.

Reduction printmaking is a fascinating and intricate printmaking technique that involves creating a multi-colored print from a single block or plate. Unlike traditional printmaking methods where a separate block is used for each color, reduction printmaking requires the artist to progressively carve away and print different layers of color from the same block. The printing technique requires careful planning, precise […]

Linocut Printing Techniques: A Complete Beginner’s Guide.

Linocut printing techniques are a captivating and versatile artistic process that has been embraced by artists for decades. This form of relief printing involves carving a design into a block of linoleum, inking the raised surface, and transferring the image onto paper or fabric. The process combines craftsmanship and creativity, resulting in unique and visually striking linocut prints. The Origins […]

How to do Relief Printing? Complete Process for Beginners.

Relief printing is a printmaking technique where the image is carved or incised into a block or surface, leaving the raised relief areas to be inked for printing. The raised areas are typically the parts that will transfer the ink onto paper or another printing surface. Relief Printing Definition. Relief printing is a time-honoured printmaking technique, that has played a […]